I/O Intelligent Platform & Solutions for Your Data, Apps and Cloud

Real-time IoT Events Replication to Snowflake

Integrate semi-structured IoT events data into Cloud Data Warehouses of choice like Snowflake for Real-time Analytics

Native Azure/AWS/GCP Managed Data Platform

Fully Managed Cloud Native Data Platform Solution for your Enterprise Big Data Analytics leveraging Azure or AWS or GCP data cloud stack. It manages complete end-to-end life-cycle — Ingest, Analyze, Store and Visualize — for your Big Data

Unified Data Catalog & Access

Cross Cloud Data Catalog providing Discoverability and Access. Get visibility across Hybrid Cloud for your enterprise data

Cloud Data Lake Creation

Ingesting variety, velocity and volume of data sources. Multiple Data ingestion methods from On-premise or Edge sources to create S3 compatible Data Lake

IOPlane™ for Cloud Enables Real-time Analytics & Cloud based Data Management In MinutesAccelerating Your Journey for Cloud Based Data Management & Analytics

IOPlane™ for Cloud provides Smart Next-Gen Big Data Integration Platform built for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud for your Enterprise data. It enables Cloud Based Real-time Analytics using new-age Data Platforms like AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Azure DW, Google BigQuery and Data Lake like S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage for ANY kind of big data sources.

Enable Strong Data QualityTrack and Publish changes to Your data

Data Cleansing

Data Provenance

Data Dedupe

IOPlane™ Data Cloud Accelerates Your Digital and Cognitive TransformationCloud Native Data Platform Solution for Big Data Scale

Managed Cloud-Native Data Platform Solution for Customer data. It can provide all the necessary building blocks for Cloud-Native Next-Gen Data Platform — Ingestion, Data Quality, Streaming Analytics, Data Lake, Cloud based Data Warehouses, Insights, and Visualizations. It’s meant for Customer data like IoT events, App Clickstream events at big data scale.

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Case StudiesAccelerating Your Journey for Cloud Data Management & Analytics

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud Data & Analytics using IOPlane™Transforming Your Business with I/O Intelligence