I/O Intelligent Platform & Solutions for Your Data, Apps and Cloud

Enterprise Database Replication to Cloud DW

Change Data Capture for On-premise Enterprise Databases to Cloud Data Warehouses like Oracle 12c to AWS Redshift

Cloud Data Lake Creation

Ingesting variety, velocity and volume of data sources. Multiple Pull based Data ingestion to Cloud from On-premise or Edge sources to create Data Lake.

Unified Data Catalog & Access

Cross Cloud Data Catalog providing Discoverability and Access

Managed Data Cloud

Fully Managed Cloud Native Data Platform Solution for Big Data Scale Events — Ingest, Analyze, Store and Visualize

IOPlane™ for Cloud Enables Cross Cloud Ingestion and Insights In MinutesLet people communicate with data

Real-time or periodic resilient data replication/ingestion to single/multi-cloud of choice from multiple sources on-premise and/or edge sources like IoT endpoints. Provides in-line data cataloging and auto-tagging thereby making it smarter and reliable.

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Enable Strong Data QualityTrack and Publish changes to Your data

Data Cleansing

Data Provenance

Data Dedupe

IOPlane™ Data Cloud Accelerates Your Digital and Cognitive TransformationCloud Native Data Platform Solution for Big Data Scale

We offer Managed Cloud-Native Data Platform Solution for Customer. It provides all the necessary building blocks for Cloud-Native Next-Generation Data Platform — Ingestion, Data Quality, Streaming Analytics, Data Lake, Cloud based Data Warehouses, Insights, and Visualizations. It gives Data Infrastructure for Customer data, IoT events, App Clickstream events at big data scale.

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Case StudiesAccelerating Your Journey To Cloud & Insights

Ubiquitous (Augmented) Analytics

Analytics today is a necessity that has re-defined traditional ways to make decisions by enabling making inferences from massive amount of relational as well as non-relational data sources. Augmented analytics is a next-generation data and analytics paradigm that uses ML to automate data preparation, insight discovery and insight sharing for a broad range of business…

Storage for unstructured data (I/O) processing

In the last few blogs we have discussed variety of analytics related problems, edge-side processing & use-cases. The kind of data that we talked about was primarily unstructured data – one without schema like video, audio, images, social media texts, docs etc. This data keeps on growing as we all know thereby resulting in the…

Edge is Cool ($) but Cloud is Hot ($$$)

This is becoming more real. Here Coolness of Edge & Hotness of Cloud refers to the tax in terms of Cost we need to incur to get the capabilities of Smart Edge & Smart Cloud. Let me expand Tax part here with an example. I’ve taken variable cost into account here given the scale we…

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