5 (IO) Senses matrix – Proactive Anomaly Detection

We can have complimenting capabilities using Smart Cloud & Edge technologies powered by Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL)/Smart Algorithms to assist, extend & enrich 5 basic human senses’ capabilities even further. We can call such capabilities as digitized (electronic) version of human senses. Let’s restrict to fundamental 5 human senses here – Vision, Hearing, Taste, Touch & Smell. Following table depicts one such set of complimenting technologies. Note that it’s one possible set & of course additions/updates are possible to this.

The digitized version of the human capabilities is possible through Smart Cloud & Edge powered by ML/DL/Smart algorithms. If you think about it, another interesting point to note here is that – hybrid version of such capabilities such as Vision combined with e-Hearing can be realized using AR/VR/ML/DL. This should pretty much apply to most of the hybrid combinations too.

There are many interesting, critical problems we can solve through various combinations here. For now, let’s focus on one of the important use cases we can solve with this – Proactive Anomaly Detection. Amazing niche problem to solve!

Anomalous behavior can be thought as deviation from the known, accepted, compliant behavior. Security breach can be thought of as one of the examples of such anomalous behavior. Such valid (white-listed) or invalid (black-listed) behavior can be defined through rules between the objects of interest. A rule engine proactively monitoring such behaviors can yield us powerful capability – bridging the gap that exist today as well as open doors for more advanced opportunities for us to experience! IOs are happening..

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