Hybrid Cloud Ops – OLTP On-Premise to Analytics on Cloud

We explain in this article how IOPlane™ for Cloud can enable a hybrid cloud architecture where OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) systems are running on-premise while Analytics runs on cloud.

We foresee the possibility that customers may run workloads which involve high IOPs (e.g. RDBMS updates) on-premise while leveraging the public cloud for Big Data Analytics. One of the driving forces for this kind of approach is the availability of cost effective extremely low latency and high IOPs storage with Flash and NVME (https://spdk.io/) on-premise. Besides, there are a couple of other reasons:

1.    OLTP applications often operate under strict SLAs and require careful tuning.

2.    Cloud based OLTP applications may still be prohibitively expensive e.g. AWS RDS (Relational Database Service).

Using IOPlane™ for Cloud, it’s easy to create a configuration where Oracle 12c Data is streamed to AWS RedShift for analytics continuously.

1.    Configure an Oracle Source

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2.    Configure a RedShift Target

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3.    Wire them together using a Connection and watch the replication in action. The rows are synchronized automatically and continuously besides being resilient and secure.


IOPlane™ makes a configuration with OLTP on-premise to OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) on cloud simple and hassle free.

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