[Manufacturing Industry/IoT] Real-time Insights of Coffee Vending machines for Semiconductor player


• On-premise 100 smart coffee vending devices at distributed locations (to begin with)
• Devices registered to communicate with IoT broker
• Devices can send messages every 1 minute (100 * 1440 * 30 ~ 4M messages/month)
• Coffee Vending devices will scale further
• AWS is selected for analyzing IoT events


IOPlane™ for Cloud provides real-time, continuous, resilient big data replication (API driven) of IoT events from on-premise to AWS Redshift (data platform)
• All kinds of events from coffee machines across regions are replicated to AWS continuously as per the policy
• Data in the cloud is de-duplicated to ensure correct analytics from Redshift
• AWS Redshift data platform is used for analyzing the device and customer data
• Data Analyst use Power BI tool to monitor device stats and analyze consumption data