IOPlane™ for CloudSmart Next Generation Big Data Integration Built for the Cloud

Smart and Resilient Big Data Integration for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud product for your Enterprise Data. It enables Cloud based Data Management & Analytics through Data Streaming, Data Warehouse and Data Lake for your Enterprise data.

It’s based on IOPlane™ – I/O aware, Policy driven, Intelligent Big Data Integration Platform built for Multiple Clouds, Apps and Sources.

IOPlane™ for Cloud has Enterprise grade features providing:
a) Resilient Performant TB sized file ingestion
b) Inline Data Cataloging – Smart Discovery
c) Inline Smart Tagging – Pluggable ML/Content Analytics
d) Ingesting variety of data sources with Smart Pre-processing
e) Scale Out Ingestion

It supports below 3 interfaces for data ingestion:
1) Files – Multiple Pull Based Sources – NFS/SMB/HDFS/Local
2) RDBMS – Enterprise DB Streaming like Oracle 12c to Cloud based Data Warehouse like Redshift
3) API – REST based API Sources

This product is targeted for Enterprise Customers. Typical users of this products are Admins like Storage, Cloud, System as well as Data Insights teams like Data Engineers, Data Architects.

IOPlane™ for Cloud Data Sheet

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IOPlane™ for Cloud Architecture

IOPlane™ InsightsFeature to provide Industry specific Insights for Customer Data

This feature provides insights for semi-structured data such as CSVs, JSON by detecting their respective schema to help Data Engineers, Analysts for further data processing.

In subsequent release, this feature will provide Insights into customer data with Cognitive Transformations for Industry specific verticals such as Media & Entertainment, Finance, Manufacturing, Enterprise IT Services. It will perform queries over distributed sources to get insights.

IOPlane™ API ProgramThese are available for our customers & partners

These APIs provide programmatic access to unified data infrastructure for multi-cloud, multi-apps and multi-source ecosystem for user. It allows programmatic way to enable cloud based analytics enablement. Please Contact us for details and getting access to it.

Open SourceContribution to open source community

We are committed to contributing to open source community. We will share our contributions being done to this great community which benefits entire software ecosystem.

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