[Media & Entertainment/OTT] Real-time Data Protection of Media assets for Global OTT player


• On-premise NAS storage filer stores critical media assets like videos and creatives sourced from content providers
• OTT Content Ops team use these media assets for production use (Content Programming, Creating Banners/Ads)
• Mostly Videos are huge (>1TB) and large in nos on filer (>100TB+)
• Google Cloud Platform is selected for protecting and later streaming these media assets


IOPlane™ for Cloud provides real-time, continuous, resilient big data replication of media assets from on-premise filer to Google Cloud Storage
• New files/changes in the filer are replicated to Google Cloud continuously as per policy
• In case of any network/service outage, only non-replicated contents are sent to Cloud
• Google Cloud retains same folder hierarchy on cloud as on-premise
• Cloud/Storage admin can recover media asset from cloud to on-premise as needed