WhyIOPhysics gets you there faster

We realized while talking and working with customers that in order to provide end-to-end solutions to their problems in Big Data Infrastructure and Multi-Cloud domains, we need to provide related solutions also in these areas. We have expertise in this and so we are better positioned to serve our customers to provide apt Research, Development, Validations and Consulting services for these aligned areas as well.

Enterprise grade capabilities

Global Support

Managed Cloud & Data InfrastructureOptimized Cloud Native Services, Data Architectures and Ops

Optimized Cloud Native Services and Data Architectures for SaaS. Managed CloudOps and Big DataOps for cloud of choice and data platform.

Data Management for AnalyticsDatabase CDC, ETL/ELT, Real-time Insights

Big Data Integration, Storage and Visualization aspects for Analytics across Cloud and/or Edge. Includes supporting structured, unstructured as well as semi-structured data for continuous integration and real-time analytics. Custom Data Transformation as part of ETL or ELT and loading to apt Cloud Data Stores like S3/Azure Blob Storage/Google Cloud Storage (Object storage) or Redshift/Azure Synapse Analytics/BigQuery/Snowflake (Data Warehouse) to get Insights.

Advanced AnalyticsApplied ML/DL, Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

Applications of Applied Machine Learning/Deep Learning techniques to provide Big Data Analytics related solutions in the space of Descriptive & Predictive Analytics.

Managed IoT Data PlatformIntegration with IoT subsystem for Data Infrastructure and Insights

Next-Gen Cloud Native Managed Data Platform. IOPlane™ platform provides smart data infrastructure solutions for real-time streaming data. IoT endpoint events can be ingested, stored and processed thru the cloud native platform for deriving insights about IoT eco-system for Real Time Monitoring, Alerting, Productivity & Prediction. Get on-boarded with IOPlane™ Data Cloud

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